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At Daisy Dolls I pride myself in providing a welcoming, nurturing, home environment which is challenging, with endless opportunities for children to explore.

I believe that children should be surrounded by a calm, aesthetic, homely space and exposed to inspirational experiences.  I respect the children and feel they deserve the best possible start into their journey of life; that is why I ensure I provide happy, fun, loving care and education.

Child's Hand holding Autumn leaves

I strongly believe children must be in an environment that allows them to be confident to develop and become curious, inquisitive and active participators in their own learning.  I do this by following each child’s interests, valuing and encouraging child-initiated activity, challenging and provoking their ideas through open-ended questioning, respecting the child’s own ideas, allowing the child to make mistakes, by planning in the moment and being a reciprocal play partner who is able to judge appropriate moments to intervene to move their learning on.

Child patting sand in a toy truck with spade

I’d love for you to get in contact or pop by and see us!

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