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The children have the opportunity to learn the importance of a good healthy , balanced diet from an early age.

All meals are always eaten together at the table.  Eating together is a very social experience, where all the children get to learn social skills and good table manners.  We enjoy sitting together reflecting on our day in a relaxed atmosphere.  This time gives us the opportunity to have a good 'natter' or else we will enjoy some books together.

I ask parents to provide a lunch box for lunchtime and possibly teatime and some fruit for your child's snacks.  I am more than happy to cook/heat any hot meal provided by parents.  I am registered with the Local Authority for food provision and complete a written food safety system.  I hold a current Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.  I have provided an information sheet on healthy lunchboxes to go along side my Food and Drink Policy, which suggests various ideas for a lunchbox, and explains the importance of a healthy balanced diet, with food from the 'five food groups'.

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