My Aspirations

I aspire  as a childminder to offer your child structure and routines to their day, provide resources, and to observe, access and monitor their progress. To develop your child's curiosity, develop their communication and model language.  To set challenges for your child, help them solve problems, to explain things and demonstrate.  To develop a 'have a go' attitude and concentration.  I make sure we take full advantage of using the physical environments at home and on outings.  I encourage independence, questioning; I facilitate, encourage and praise all efforts and successes.  I develop perseverance and exploring.  I show and model things.  I help your child recall, learn cooperation and provide a narrative to their play and learning.  I help your child take risks and manage their own risks.  I take account of every child's interest.  I help each child explore their ideas.   I establish high expectations for their achievement and behaviour.  I develop respect for people and property and I foster enjoyment.

I am passionate about 'planning in the moment'.  It is learning through play in real time and is the most wonderful way to get to really know all the children in my care.  It is about understanding each child's current interests and needs and knowing when and how to create an environment to support them as individuals,  and how to intervene to help move each child's learning on.  I incorporate teachable moments that I  would like each child to learn during child-initiated play and during adult-led and guided activities, mindful of keeping the balance right.  I offer the children the core elements of learning and then watch where they take the learning.  Something will always spark something else and can lead to magical moments.