Parents use the '2 Stars and a Wish' to tell me two things that they most like about Daisy Dolls and one thing they wish could be different.

Find out what my parents have to say about Daisy Dolls:

July 2018

I think it's fantastic that you take the children out on so many adventures.  They have such varied experiences with you from groups to the learning activities you do at home etc.  We are really grateful for the enormous effort you put in to developing and nurturing our little people.

The relationship and bond you form is amazing.  After seeing             struggle through nursery it is a relief and a pleasure to see how happy         is to spend time with you.  You are an important person in her life not just child care.

July 2018

All the fantastic topics and activities that you plan for the children.  They are always so varied and creative.                has learnt so much and developed so many new skills through these.

Using 2 Build a Profile and the incredibly comprehensive reports we receive.  We look forward to getting her profile every week and hearing how she is getting on, what she has been up to and the funny things she does.  It is so reassuring to receive such regular updates.

It is so hard to think of any 'wishes' as we absolutely love everything you do with           and the amazing setting you provide.

July 2018

The fact that           is excited about coming to see Denise days in advance.

The reassuring trust and comfort of leaving          with someone who obviously cares about him, and educates him.  Brilliant.

July 2018

All the wonderful activities         does when she's with you - crafts, outdoor play, trips - she has such great fun as well as learning so much.  I always think home must seem a bit boring in comparison!

The excellent feedback you provide, each week without fail!  It is so interesting to see what         has been up to but also brilliant to know how she's developing in line with the Early Years Framework.  Now         is in another setting which provides much less feedback, I appreciate your reports even more.

I have racked my brains and honestly cannot think of a single thing you could improve on!  That's not just me being nice - it's the honest truth!  So I'll just add another star instead - the fact I know         is completely safe, happy and loved when she's with you.

July 2018

Please keep taking          to Stepping Stones - she loves it.

Please continue with the kind and attentive way you listen to and interact with          , she learns so much from your interaction. 

Wish - For you to have some time to yourself what with report writing or preparation of activities!

This year I received a nomination in the annual Bournemouth Early Years Childcare Awards.

This year we received a nomination for you but unfortunately, as you are not a Bournemouth childminder, we can't enter you in to the awards.

However, we thought you would like to hear what                         thinks of you.

Here is your nomination:

Our childminder is a dedicated professional, with the emotional and educational needs of our daughter at the forefront of everything she does.  She plans activities meticulously and genuinely cares about the well-being of all the children in her care.

She made my return to work easy as I am 100% sure my daughter receives the best care possible, I don't have that nagging feeling at the back of my mind!

She sends detailed reports on a weekly basis, including photographs and a detailed account of the activities undertaken along with an update on our development inline with the EYFS, this is always written with care and something we enjoy receiving on each weekend.

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