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This is Me

This week 'my' Pre School children have been printing and assembling their 'This is Me' passports.

The 'This is Me' passport will help support them as they become more independent in a range of different areas, to help them to be more ready for life at school.

These areas include using the toilet, enjoying mealtimes, getting dressed, following a routine, blowing their own nose, knowing about feelings and how to act, and using words to communicate.

Each area is spilt into small steps that they can complete in any order. When they can successfully repeat one of the steps, they can add a sticker to that step, then mark this achievement on the certificate in the back of the booklet. The children and their families will be able to celebrate their growing number of achievements.

There is also a parent/carer guide. The pages are in the same order as the passport. A page will gives ideas including top tips, website links, places or people to contact and activities that families and their child can do together.

All children are different and learn at different rates. They may be very confident in one thing, but find something else tricky. That’s fine and not all children will be able to do everything by the time they start school, but if parents have any concerns or would like advice, they can speak to me, their GP or Health Visitor, or I can sign post them to the BCP Council Family Hub.

BCP Family Hub 01202 093131 BCP


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