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Out and About

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Looking back on this week we have:

  • Arranged a park play date, so two of our pre schoolers could have some fun with someone they will transition to school with in September. It was one of the first things parents got to hear about at pick up time.

  • We have tried something new attending the Salvation Army Sensory stay and play session. There were lots of sensory tuff trays, including pasta and spaghetti with real utensils and pots and pans. There was a play dough tray, a mesmerizing light tube, instruments, bubbles, coloured streamers, sensory toys and a very popular tray with hundreds of coloured silk squares to sprinkle, scatter and throw. All this rounded off as we came together to sing and sign.

  • We have walked to several favourite local parks, chatting all the way about numbers, vehicles, flora and fauna.

  • We have returned to Sammy Miller's. It is no wonder the children want to visit the animals time and time again, when little ones learn about their world through seeing, hearing and touching.

  • We have voted for our favourite pictures in the art gallery (shown below) as we visited The Red House Museum to find out about life in the former Georgian workhouse.

  • We've had a picnic with the dinosaurs.

  • And sang along with all our favourite rhymes at Tuckton Library's Wriggle and Rhyme session.


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