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The Colours of Autumn

Not a day goes past without us enjoying the colours of Autumn.

It has been a time when we have thought about a host of ripening fruit and vegetables. We have watched the convoys of tractors go past our windows bringing in the harvest and watched the blackberries ripen on bushes and apples fall from the trees. We have gathered the falling leaves from the deciduous trees and looked for evidence of the worms and slime moulds hard at work breaking down the fallen leaves. We have looked and learnt about the importance of not touching fungi and fallen berries.

We have enjoyed the exhilaration of playing in the wind and thought about the effect of heavy rainfall swelling rivers and causing floods. In the skies above our garden we have seen the circling birds getting ready to fly to warmer countries for the Winter and have also learnt that geese arrive from colder countries to overwinter here.

With the shortening days we have been getting excited about Halloween and Bonfire night approaching fast.

But it has been our look at the habits of animals in Autumn that has captivated everyone the most. We have studied hedgehogs and other animals getting ready to hibernate, as well as other animals getting ready for Winter, such as mice and squirrels as they busily collect and store nuts. It has been fun finding fir cone, conkers and acorns on our outings, just like the little animals.


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