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Today at Daisy Dolls we have enjoyed thinking of yummy flavours for our ice creams. Whilst a 29 month old said his was "melon flavour", a 27 month old described her ice cream as "strawberry and blueberry" flavour and a 42 month old said she had a "triple scoop" of "mint choc chip, apple and banana flavour." There were also chocolate, vanilla and lemon meringue. Delicious!!!

Each cake case contained shaving foam, pva glue and food colouring. Mixing the food colourings with the white of the shaving foam and pva developed understanding of how colours can be changed, as the red went pink. It gave us an opportunity to talk about the depth of shade using lighter and darker. I was able to develop critical thinking and problem solving by encouraging suggestions about how to make the colours darker.


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