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Pebbles Bubbles and Tweezers

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Today at Daisy Dolls we enjoyed pebbles, bubbles and tweezers. Little hands developed in hand manipulation as they plucked pebbles from the bubbly tuff tray. There were lots of maths opportunities: We developed language comparing and contrasting the shape of the pebbles, using both informal vocabulary such as pointy and mathematical terms like long, straight or round. We used language of measure moving from big/small to comparing the pebbles using bigger than or fatter than. Language of measure was further developed with more specific terms like longer, wider, heavier. The addition of the foam numbers and stacking cups allowed for number recognition and counting with 1:1 correspondence. The mathematical journey of the mixed age group was supported as they developed through their counting and cardinality journey, progressing from knowing the odd number words, to counting in sequence, then to saying one number for each object and on to knowing the number of the whole group. Lots of bubbly fun was had by everyone.


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