Toy Safety Policy

Image by MORAN

Following ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) guidelines, I will

  1. Buy toys only from recognised outlets

  2. Make sure the toy is suitable for the child, check the age range

  3. Be particularly careful with toys for children under three

  4. Be wary of young children playing with older children’s toys

  5. Check for loose hair and small parts, sharp edges and points

  6. Ensure that garden slides are robust

  7. Check toys regularly for wear and repair or dispose of them when necessary

  8. Keep the play area tidy

  9. Follow the instructions and warnings provided with toys

  10. Supervise young children at play


If toys are given to the setting or bought from other than a retail outlet, I will check for their state of repair and their suitability to the age range of the children in the setting.  All second- hand toys will be cleaned before being given to the children, to avoid the spread of illness and disease.

All toys in the setting will be regularly cleaned and checked for their state of repair.

If toys containing batteries are not in regular use, their batteries will be removed.

When buying toys, I will make sure they confirm to the Toy (Safety) Regulations 2011 and carry a CE mark.