Outings policy

Image by Japheth Mast

Outings are an invaluable source of learning for your child.  They give them the opportunity to explore and understand the community around them and the experiences it has to offer.

Sometimes the trips may be quite impromptu on foot, in the car or by public transport.  We may have been discussing mini beasts and a trip to the woods, perfectly fits in with our investigation.  Other trips are planned further in advance.  It is my policy to keep all children in my care safe on outings.

In order to do this:

The ratio of adults to children on any outing will never breach my ratios as stated on my Ofsted registration - a maximum of 6 children under the age of 8, of which a maximum of 4 can be in the EYFS.

I will be vigilant at all times and a risk assessment of the outing will be made.  If necessary, an appropriate trail run will be made.

I take essential records and equipment for each child on outings as necessary, including contact telephone numbers for parents, a first-aid kit and a mobile phone.

I keep records for parental inspection of any vehicles in which children are transported, including insurance details with business use.

I will ensure that any driver transporting children in their own vehicle has adequate insurance cover and age appropriate car seats.  This would apply in the event of the children and I having to use a taxi or mini cab in the event of my car being off the road.

I adhere to my missing child procedure and make parents aware of the procedures in that policy.

By signing my acceptance form at the end of the Policies and Procedures for Daisy Dolls’, you as parents/careers agree to me, Mrs Barrett taking your child/ren on outings.