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Intimate Care Policy

Image by Harry Grout

Intimate care involves areas of personal care, which most people normally do for themselves but some are unable to do because of age, impairment or disability.


I provide intimate care to all children, which acknowledges my responsibilities and protects the rights of everyone involved. I believe all children have the right to be treated with sensitivity and respect, and in such a way that their experience of intimate care is a positive one. I acknowledge that it is essential that every child is treated as an individual and that care is given as gently and as sensitively as possible. I also believe that every child should be encouraged to have a positive image of their own body.

If your child has a special need, I will work closely with you, to obtain as much information as possible in order to make the process of intimate care as comfortable as possible. I will endeavour to take all of yours' and your child's individual concerns into account. I believe that information on intimate care should only be communicated by sealed letter, personal contact or telephone between parents/guardians and myself.


  • I am familiar with the normal precautions for avoiding infection and will follow good practice in hygiene. 

  • I am happy to take part in any appropriate training.

  • I will endeavour to ensure your child has age appropriate privacy when carrying out intimate care.

  •  I will allow your child to care for themselves as far as they are able to, and will promote appropriate use of toilets and associated skills. 

  • I will always be aware of and respond to your child's reactions, and provide reassurance whenever they need it.

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