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Further General Conditions of Placement

Image by Sincerely Media

I agree to provide sun cream for my child and agree to Mrs Barrett putting the sun cream on my child.

I agree Mrs Barrett can take photos and videos of my child.  These images will be used in their Tapestry online learning journal, and within the confines of the setting for display and in pictorial record books for the children to enjoy.  I agree that Mrs Barrett can use images of my child on her website in her weekly blogs where only the core and limbs of my child are visible.  See my Safeguarding Policy for more detailed camera, mobile phone and iPad permission; my Data Protection Policy, Retention Policy for GDPR and Privacy Notice.

I will advise Mrs Barrett of any changes of information as soon as possible (or before) the change(s) have taken place.

I agree to collect my child from the setting immediately, if my child is unwell, or Mrs Barrett requires my child to be collected in an emergency.

I agree to collect my child myself or if somebody else is going to collect him/her, I will contact Mrs Barrett giving full details and a description of the collecting person, If, they haven’t collected my child before, Mrs Barrett will give a password that the collecting adult must use.  Children cannot be released to anyone under the age of 18.

I agree to my child being taken to A&E and receiving treatment from medical or paramedic staff in an emergency and will meet Mrs Barrett at A&E as soon as possible.

I will label all my child’s clothes and possessions that are taken into the setting and provide 3 sets of spare clothes per day.

I agree to dress my child in play clothes and ‘sensible’ footwear.

I agree to Mrs Barrett taking my child on impromptu trips, either walking, in her car or by public transport.  Mrs Barrett has business use on her car insurance for childminding.

I give permission for my child to go on large outdoor play equipment either in Mrs Barrett’s home setting, in a park, at a play group or anywhere else.  I acknowledge that Mrs Barrett has a risk assessment for her home and all outings that she makes with the children in her care.  Mrs Barrett will fully supervise all children whilst playing on any large outdoor play equipment.

I give permission for my child to go on large bouncy castles/slides and into soft play areas and facilities if Mrs Barrett feels the equipment is age appropriate.

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