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Food and Drink Policy

Image by Mike Dorner

Please help your child to learn healthy eating habits that will last a life time, by providing them with a healthy lunchbox. The Change 4 Life website has lots of helpful ideas for ‘Sugar Swaps’, ideas for healthy recipes and fun food facts.

I have a no nut policy (including peanut butter).  Several children are allergic to nuts.  Allergies can be life threatening, so please respect this policy.  Thank you.

All meals will be eaten together at the table.  Eating together is a very social experience, helping your child to learn social skills and good table manners.  I will model what is and is not expected at the meal table.

From the early stages of weaning and finger foods, I will help your child with their growing independence.  As independence grows they will enjoy helping to lay the table and serving themselves.  In a relaxed atmosphere, the meal table gives opportunities to discuss food production or foods from different cultures and how they may be eaten.  I will be happy to discuss all cultural and religious requirements.

  • Breakfast – please provide cereal of your child’s choice.

  • Morning/afternoon Snacks – please provide a piece of fruit daily for snack times. 

  • Lunch Time – please try to provide a variety of foods from the main food groups (where appropriate): bread, cereal, rice and pasta; vegetables and fruits; milk, yoghurts and cheese; meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and pulses.

  • Tea Time – please provide either a second packed lunch or even a meal you would like me to warm.


Your child will be encouraged to eat up all their food, but please have reasonable expectations on the amount they can eat.  All left over food will be put back into the lunch box, so you can gauge what your child has eaten.


Please provide your child with a water bottle or non-spill beaker.  Tap water or mineral water only please.  No flavoured water.

Please provide any tinned or jar baby foods, which I will be happy to warm.

When providing feeds for your baby, please provide me with formula and pre-sterilized bottles so that feeds can be made up as required through the day.  Please make sure there are adequate feeds for each day, especially in the case of expressed mother’s milk. 

Please do not send cans or glass bottles of drink into the setting.

Before your child joins my setting, I will obtain information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies, and any special health requirements.


I collect, record and act on information you give about your child’s dietary needs.


I provide chilled storage for packed lunches and appropriate storage areas for other foodstuffs for all food you provide for your child to eat in my setting.


I will provide your child with clean and age-appropriate crockery and eating utensils.


I respect each family’s diversity of practice around mealtimes.

I ensure fresh drinking water is available to your child at all times, both in and outside my setting.

As a provider of meals and snacks I am aware of my responsibilities under food hygiene legislation. I am registered with the Local Authority Environmental Health Department and complete a food safety system. I hold a Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.

Baby changing facilities will not be near food preparation areas.

I will help your child learn good hand washing habits before and after mealtimes.

I do not do any laundry during food preparation times and I ensure that any soiled clothing or detergents do not come into contact with food preparation areas.

If there is an outbreak of food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on my premises I will notify Ofsted as soon as possible but definitely within 14 days of the incident occurring in order to comply with regulations in the EYFS September 2021,  section 3.50.

I keep all food receipts, including those under £10, so that if there is an outbreak of food poisoning on my premises, I will be able to trace the outlet where the food was purchased.

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