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Fire Policy

Image by Gift Habeshaw

Whilst there is no longer a requirement in the EYFS to have a written risk assessment, my first priority is always the safety of the children and adults on the premises in the event of a fire. 

With this in mind:

  • I have completed Fire safety training

  • The children are involved in fire safety activities, so they are aware of the dangers of fire and know how to evacuate safely. 

  • Smoke detectors that are not hard wired are checked weekly.

  • I maintain clear routes of escape, free of clutter and toys. 

  • A no smoking policy is in place.

  • Sources of ignition such as matches are stored out of reach.

  • No scented candles are used during setting hours.

  • Cooking is kept to a minimum during setting hours, using a ‘common sense’ approach to potential sources of ignition such as the cooker and the toaster.

  • The cooker is turned off at the cooker point during setting hours.

  • Sockets are never overloaded.  A suitable multi adaptor is used.

  •  I maintain vigilance at all times.

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