Alcohol and Other Substances Policy

Image by Clarissa Watson

It is my policy to keep all children safe when they are in my care.

In order to do this, I will ensure that neither I, nor anyone else who has contact with the children whilst in my setting or on outings, is under the influence of alcohol or any other substances which may affect our ability to care for the children.

I will ensure that anyone who has contact with the children in my care whilst in my setting who is taking medication which may affect their ability to care for children, will seek medical advice and only work directly with children if it is confirmed that their ability to look after children will not be impaired.

If any person/s collecting a child from my setting is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I will not release the child into their care, but will contact the next named emergency contact as supplied by the parents/careers.  If they are unable to collect the child immediately, I will continue to care for the child until a collection can be made.