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Prickly Hedgehogs

The children have been wonderfully engaged looking at how seasons affect hedgehogs. We had fun going out to collect pine needles and leaves for our craft projects. There were cries of "Yuk" at the hedgehog's favoured diet of slugs, snails, worms and dog food; and choruses of "arrh" as a hedgehog had a litter of five babies in the Summer. The children drank in and commented on the hedgehog's great sense of smell, how the babies are only just opening their eyes at 2 weeks old, how they leave the nest around 3 weeks old and by Autumn how the babies can look after themselves and are no longer with their mum. We followed a hedgehog from Spring as she used her good sense of smell to find food, through to Summer when we saw how it was a good time of the year to have babies because of the plentiful supply of food to build up strength before the cold Winter sets in. We saw her in Autumn preparing for her hibernation through Winter.


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