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Martin Maudsley

Today we had the great pleasure of listening to Martin Maudsley tell wonderful stories about the natural world. Martin weaved together every child's idea into his wonderful wild tales and fables. He had everyone in the woodland hideaway captivated as he involved us in joining in with his rhymes and actions. We were entranced and it was a joy to see the imaginations of a diverse age group of children be given free rein to fly high.

After Martin's storytelling workshop we turned Nature Detectives again, finding trees that are the same height as us, weaving our own stories as we pretended to be an animal going on an adventure in the woods, dancing like falling leaves, thinking of different ways trees help us, looking for different fallen leaves, breathing in deeply to smell the trees, finding things from the natural world for each of the 12 colours on our colour wheels and counting up how many of those colours represented the colours of the leaves on the trees around us.

Just a few more pictures of a day we wished could have been longer.


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