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Fairy doors, Squirrels, Woodpeckers and Owls

The children and I loved the peace and tranquillity as we explored the woodland around Blue Pool, Dorset.

With pencils and trail sheets in hand the children excitedly looked for the owls, woodpeckers and squirrels high in the trees...

And the fairy doors nestled in trees on the woodland ground.

Each time we found another letter on a post marking the fairy door, we had fun thinking of an alliterative name for the fairy living there.

The squirrels were quite tricky to find, which just added to the enthusiasm for the hunt.

We had so much fun practising writing the letters and numbers found on posts, mushrooms and fairy doors, and couldn't wait to find the next ones to write down.

Getting back to the cafe with our sheets completed and the numbers on the fairy doors totalled we received a certificate.


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