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Construction and Water Play

Not a day goes past when the children don’t create an amazing structure in the garden. There are many reasons it is so popular. Firstly it is open-ended play where there is no specific set purpose and it is fun. Without limitations children can allow their imaginations to run free. Each of their creations increases their fine and large motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and visual and spatial awareness; skills that are essential in Early Years development and form the foundations for things like writing. The children gain an immense feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from their work, which builds their self-esteem and inquisitive natures. The collaboration and teamwork builds their socialisation, individual independence and allows them to be effective contributors in projects.

Construction and water play is just another one of the STEM activities we relish at Daisy Dolls. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The children develop understanding of elevation on the flow of water down pipes, propulsion as they use basters to move the floating ducks around and the effect of kinetic energy. We talk about floating and sinking; we measure, compare volumes, estimate and use mathematical terms like full and empty.

Each day sees a different set of problem solving skills developed. Most importantly, because it is a hands on experience the children are more like to retain the learning that comes from it, more than an relayed information.


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