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Today the children and I enjoyed being part of a lovely community project run by 'The Waterlily Project', which brings together senior citizens with young children in chatter, play and song.

We were welcomed warmly by two kind ladies and were soon busy painting and making woolly jumpers and scarves for kittens. This weeks theme was 'cats and dogs' and there were lots to play with, of all shapes and sizes. In fact we had a treasure hunt to find all the big dogs, and small, hidden around the room. This very soon developed into lining them up in size order from the smallest to biggest.

As we all pulled a toy from the song bag, young and old, the children got to learn some new songs they weren't familiar with, like 'Nelly the Elephant' and 'How Much is that Doggy in the Window'. In turn we shared songs like 'An Elephant has Wriggles' and 'There's a Dinosaur' with a generation that hadn't heard them before. We all played our instruments together in harmony.

We are very much looking forwards to meeting up with new friends next week for a Pirate theme.


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